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It's so nice to go traveling...

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Join us on a trip to Austria...

After many years of research, my sister and I finally found out that our Grandfather was born in Grieselstein. At the suggestion of my husband (don't know if he was kidding or not) she and I decided to take a trip to the Burgenland to see the area where Grampa was born and raised, and also to do some more research, if possible. We had hoped to be able to find the home where he had lived (which we didn't). However, we had a wonderful time, saw many sights, and met many friendly people. We also ate some delicious food! We took many pictures which we are sharing, and hope you find them interesting. Oh, the pictures are not in chronological order as we criss-crossed the country-side many times and saw many of the sights more than once--and also took more pictures!

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Evie and Sherry

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Flag of Austria

Map of Austria