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Vacation Album

Building near Kornburg

We thought the contrast was rather interesting--an old building with a satellite dish out front!

House with addition

This was another interesting building. Looks like an addition was put on the house leaving a bit of a space between the two sections. We noticed a number of homes that had been added onto where the owners didn't modernize the old section to match the new one. One home we saw had a new section, an older section, and the oldest section--looked a little odd.

Strange house in Jennersdorf

Now this home really caught our attention. It looks like the owner used every shape of cement imaginable to decorate his home and yard. Rather original.

Strange house in Jennersdorf 2

House with flowers

We couldn't help admiring this yard full of flowers north of Mogersdorf. It was absolutely gorgeous. We saw numerous homes with flowers in the yards and also in flower boxes at the windows.

Local Home Depot

Sherry called this the "local Home Depot". They had everything from light fixtures to plants, and everything else you could find at our Home Depots.