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Vacation Album
Dr. Walter Dujmovits Jr.

We arrived practically on the heels of a gentleman just opening up the Museum. As we were the only ones there, he proceeded to show us around, explaining all the pictures and items on display. We thought he was extremely personable and very knowledgeable. It wasn't til the tour was practically over that we discovered our tour guide was Dr. Dujmovits himself! Talk about embarrassing moments!
We noticed a map on the wall showing what part of the United States the Burgenlanders migrated to, starting with the northern part all the way down to the Jennersdorf area. We discovered that a great number of those from Jennersdorf and Grieselstein went to New Britain, Conn., which happens to be the city where my sister and I were born and spent our childhood. Our grandfather, August Mandl, was born in Grieselstein, and came to the United States in 1906, sailing with four other young men from the same area.
(we didn't think to take pictures of that particular map, and now wish we did)