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Vacation Album
Research and a day's itinerary


Anita (Tony's daughter), Tony, Josef Hochwarter, and Sherry doing some research at the Jennersdorf Church. Director Hochwarter was reading the Hungarian entries and translating it into German. Anita would then translate the German into English for us. This was the first day we were looking at the records. The second time we felt we wouldn't need a translator, so we met Director Hochwarter at the Church and looked at them ourselves. Since many hours had previously been spent at a Family History Center looking at films, we were fairly familiar with the headings of columns, and the names and addresses, etc. were easy enough to read. The only problem we had was trying to figure out the causes of death. We would point to each one and Director Hochwarter then would pantomime what it said, which provided some amusing moments!


Tony was dictating to Nicole a list of castles and interesting sights that he thought we should see. Nicole was a great help to us all the time we were there. She spoke very good English, and when we had trouble communicating with the Brucklers, Veronika would phone Nicole and ask her to come and help!